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Magic Helena 2007

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inxndwfWnbyKd 22.4. 8:24
Sep04 Congrats on a great run!Well, it was more like a trail blaze as you were one of the originals. You kept them to the point and did it with a style and tone that is only you, which made them ufscessucl. Ok, not all of them those recorded at the family outings were a little scratchy, but overall you set a standard early on for a new realm called podcasting.I will keep subscribing to the feed too so every once in a while throw a Marketing Over Coffee B side over there??mp/m
Anička 23.12. 20:14
ty šaty v levo jsou nadherne,..dobře vypadají jen klobou vypada jak by ji neseděl...Ale j inak v poho
Liduš 17.11. 11:37
moc hezké
Kowalová Hana 8.11. 8:13
jednoduchost, praktické,