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SAdrHnGP 21.3. 5:59
Looks aren't everything when it comes to pohnes; you need to look at functionality and whether or not the phone will do what you need it to. In regards to coverage the problem is that in order to avoid any wireless company from becoming a monopoly the FCC will not allow any carrier in the USA have coverage everywhere so all the carriers will have areas where they are stronger and weaker; the key is to look at who has the best coverage for the are you are in and where you will be using the phone then start looking at pohnes and rate plans. You can also do what many people have started doing which is to buy the phone they want unlocked to use on the carrier of their choice. The upside is greater variety but you will pay more for the phone, will have problems with higher data services (anything outside of calls and text basically) and limited support at best (the manufacturer will support any phone functions and settings as well as warranty and the wireless carrier will only provide support for billing and ensuring the network services are working properly). Also remember that if you are going to get an unlocked phone you will need one that uses the same technology as your carrier, GSM for AT T and T-Mobile CDMA for Verizon and Sprint, and that the phone has the 850/1900mhz bandwidths used in North America.
cfqYwDEDlIzpVT 28.7. 18:05
You relaly saved my skin with this information. Thanks!
BedwGjpaOBGktIGpKIs 27.7. 15:59
You put the lime in the cnocuot and drink the article up.
anaj 27.9. 13:13
Hezké, ale bez toho límce.